Formed in 2004 in Toulouse, Pulcinella has given almost 600 concerts.


For 15 years, this playful Toulousain band has not grown tired of doing everything it wants. With a drums, a double bass, an accordion and a saxophone, Pulcinella mixes funk, jazz, Balkan music, electro, musette, progressive rock… to create a polymorphic and borderless music. With more than 600 concerts on the clock, Pulcinella gets real on stage, it has performed in prestigious festivals such as Jazz in Marciac, the Festival Radio France, Rio Loco, Jazz sous les Pommiers, The London Jazz Festival, The Odessa FestivalHe travelled the roads of some twenty countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Tajikistan, Moldova, Colombia, India and even Vietnam to celebrate the 1000 years of the capital Hanoi!


Greedy of encounters, the quartet always likes to collaborate with other artists. In addition to his creations with musicians (Émile Parisien, Leïla Martial, Andreas Schaerer, Hervé Suhubiette…), he likes to rub shoulders with other artistic fields. The composed the music of theatre play and film-concerts, collaborated with dancers, illustrated text readings, accompanied circus acts… He created Le Grand Déballage (futuristic dancing ball where mazurka, afrobeat, waltz and merengue clash one on the other) in 2017 and started a new musical adventure with Italian singer Maria Mazzotta in June 2019. In addition, he released his 6th album in quartet entitled Ça (« It », on the hungarian label BMC) in September 2019 and at the same time mounted a new repertoire with the colombian trio La Perla (voice/percussion).

Ferdinand Doumerc

Saxophones, flutes, melodica, glockenspiel, Armon keyboard, vocals

This hyperactive with unstoppable flow embraces a sax mouth during his childhood. The beginning of a true love story, testifies to his lively and carnal game that opens to him the doors of the world of jazz through several bands (The Headbangers, Initiative H…), some of which he co-founds (Pulcinella, la Face cachée des sous-bois, Mowgli, etc.).

This fan of African-American music (an outstanding blind tester!) participates in various soul projects and assembles a tribute to Herbie Hancock.

Eager for experiences, he also records for artists of all kinds, from metal bands to pop singers (for example Psykup and Art Mengo!).

Florian Demonsant

Accordion, organ Elka, vocals

Florian likes to play hide-and-seek with his keyboards, sometimes letting his hands slip on his accordion, then bouncing on the keys of his organ Elka. A juggling room delivering a celestial game, composing between french dancing ball, balkan or improvised music.

A daydream in which he allowed himself to be coached from a young age, punctuated by meetings with which he completes his learnings (Serge Doat, Marius Manole from Taraf de Haïdouks, Denis Badault…), and gives shape to new circassian and musical projects within Circ’hulon, Bey Ler Bey and Étreinte, his first solo album).

Pierre Pollet

Drums, vocals

Pierre has been using the drum sticks since his studies (Agostini school, CNR in Toulouse and Montpellier, etc.). His nervous play, skin-deep and martial created collaborations with Hermeto Pascoal, Emmanuel Bex, Michael Attias, David Haudrechy and Enzo Cormann

This fear of boredom and his urgent need to renew himself led him to co-found the group Mowgli and to take a side steps in the world of circus arts with the Collectif Petit Travers.

Jean-Marc Serpin

Double bass, vocals

His double bass could be almost too big for him. But it is by browsing his strings that Jean-Marc takes all his height. Under his discreet face, this traveller holds an ear to everything that crosses his path. After studying at the Musician Institute of Technology in Los Angeles and spending 6 years in São Paulo, he collects multiple influences where Brazilian music, blues, salsa, gypsy jazz, funk or flamenco meet…

He also enjoys crossing paths by recording with french singer Bernard Lavilliers or by working with the theatre company Mesdames A.