Ça (Quartet)

Jazz inflammable

More electric than the previous ones, their 6th album entitled Ça (It) hosts a gallery of mutant sounds straight out of an Elka organ and pedals of strange effects… An atypical music serving an ode to the Ça (It), a stream of desires without censorship studied by Doctor Freud.

The quartet recorded its last album «Ça» in January 2019 at BMC studios (Budapest Music Center) in Hungary.


Sortie CD et vinyle le 20 septembre 2019


Ferdinand Doumerc saxophones, flutes, melodica
Florian Demonsant accordion, ELKA organ
Jean-Marc Serpin dumble bass
Pierre Pollet drums


Régie son Jacques Masliah
Partenaires L’Astrada, La Scène Nationale d’Albi La Claranda, Job et Art’Cade


Clip "Qu'est ce qu'on attend ?"

Clip Ta mère te regarde

Le Grand Déballage

Bal à facettes

Teaser - Le Grand Déballage

Do Pulcinella go in search of that « petit bal perdu », the lost dance from long ago ? Yes they do, in their own unique style, both futuristic and nostalgic, at last a chance to lose all sense of time on the dance floor.

A mischievous mixture of mazurkas, afro-beat,waltzes, merengues and the rest, all tumbling together.

Who cares about the steps once you let yourself go ?


« The Great Reveal », a concert to get you dancing.

Ferdinand Doumerc saxophones, flutes, voice
Florian Demonsant accordion, Elka organ, voice
Pierre Pollet drum, voice
Jean-Marc Serpin double bass, voice


Oreille extérieure Frédéric Gastard
Régie son Jacques Masliah

More than just a fleeting moment of joy, « Le Grand Déballage » (The Great Reveal ) was a real eye-opener …. showing that finesse has its place in dance music, and that the warmth of a popular and festive style can sit comfortably with Pulcinella’s musical virtuosity 


Emile Ricard, programmateur – Festival Le Pied Dans La Bassine

Pulcinella & Maria Mazzotta

Free folk pizzica

La Tarentelle / Diavule diavule



Imagine a golden thread between Toulouse to Tirana via Lecce,
constantly running backwards and forwards between these 3 Mediterranean cities.

We can call this thread the « Pizzica » – a dance trance from southern Italy created by women in order to heal tarantula bites – and to free themselves from the oppression of the patriarchy.

And in the twist of this thread we find hypnotic tarantelles, harmonies from Albania, a bit of jazz, and wild waltzes.


A collaboration not to be missed : Maria Mazzotta, one of the most emblematic voices of the Pouilles region, meets Pulcinella, the explosive jazz quartet from Toulouse.

Maria Mazzotta voice and tamburello
Florian Demonsant accordion, Elka organ and voice
Ferdinand Doumerc saxophones, flute, glockenspiel, Armon keyboard and voice
Pierre Pollet drums
Jean-Marc Serpin double bass


Régie son Jacques Masliah

Coproduction Festival Toulouse d’été, Mairie de Toulouse, Scène Nationale d’Albi